Title 15 Days and 14 nights
Tour Code HLETT 00
Transportation: surface

Day 1. Arrival Addis Ababa Afternoon tour of the capital, VisitEntoto Mountains, with very nice view over the capital, the National museum, St. George church and the Merkato, biggest open air market in Africa and shops.; O/N chosen hotel.

Day 2. Drive to Awash National park. Cross Metahara lake, visit Kereyou nomad people and villages, drive to the hot springs, spot different animals and hamadryas. Afternoon game drive of the park: different animals as Oryx, crocodiles, many birds, other antelopes; visit the Awash River falls and the gorge. O/N hotel

Day 3. Drive to Semera, the Afar people capital. Take necessary permits for your Danakil trip. O/N camp or in guest house

Day 4. Drive to lake Afrera . O/N camp

Day 5. Drive to Dodom, at Er-Tale volcano. Climb on the volcano for fantastic views. Materials will be brought by camels, Spectacular views, Night at the volcano.

Day 6. Walk back to the vehicles and proceed to AhmedAle. O/N camp

Day 7. Drive to Dalol, where afar people extract salt. Are really unique views in the world. O/N camp back to AhmedAle

Day 8. See the camel caravans bring back salt to the Tigray towns for the markets. Drive to Hawzen or Mekele. O/N hotel

Day 9. Visit Tigray rock-hewn churches as the extremely interesting Daniel Korkor, Mariyamkorkor and AbuneYemata (clients should be very fit for mountain climbing for this last church; otherwise you can visit AbrehaweAtsbeha church). O/N hotel

Day 10. Drive to Lalibela, admiring very nice views. O/N hotel

Day 11. Visit the rock-hewn churches in Lalibela. Visit a coffee ceremony in a traditional house in town. O/N Hotel.

Day 12. Drive to YemerehennaKristos church, extremely interesting. Afternoon visit the Genete Mariam church. O/N hotel

Day 13. Drive to Hayklake and visit DebreEstifanos monastery. O/N Kombolcha

Day 14. Drive back Addis. If it falls on Sunday we visit the very nice market of afar and Oromo people at Senbete village.

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22 Days 21 Nights
Tour code HLETT 002
Transportation: Surface and Flight.

Day 1.Arrive Addis Ababa
Day 2. Drive to Armbaminch, crossing the Rift Valley lakes and Wolayta people. O/N hotel
Day 3.AM drive to Chencha for Dorze people. PM boat trip on ChamoLake.O/N Arbaminch.
Day 4. Drive to Jinka, by admiring Konso, Derashe, Ari, Benna and Tsemay people. O/N Hotel.
Day 5. Visit the Mursi people and villages. O/N Mago park camp,
Day 6.drive toKaro people region and visit their village of Kortcho and Duss; with beautiful view over the Omo River too. O/N Turmi.
Day 7. Continue for the Hammer people region & O/N Turmi at the campsite or lodge.
Day 8.Turmi, for villages, dance, possibly market & marriage ceremonies.
Day 9.Excursion to Omorate, at bank of Omo River, for Dassanech tribes & villages Back for O/N Turmi.
Day 10. Drive through Tsemay and Erbore people to the Konso villages. O/N Konso local hotel or camp.
Day 11. Enter into Borena people region and afternoon visit ElSOD crater (where down the crater Borena men extract salt for their cattle), Borena villages and more. O/N Yabelo motel or similar
Day 12. Crossing Guji people region and very nice views drive to the Rift Valley lake of Awasa. O/N  hotel.
Day 13. Morning visit the fish market, and then drive back to Addis Ababa, by admiring the Rift Valley lakes of Shala, Abyata and Langano, Afternoon free in Addis.
Day 14. Drive north to Kombolcha, admiring Afar and Oromo people.
Day 15. Drive Lalibela.
Day 16.Full day visit of the 11 rock-hewn churches in Lalibela.
Day 17. Fly Axum. Afternoon tour of steles, churches, archaeological sites
Day 18. Drive to Gondar, crossing the spectacular Semienmountains.
Day 19.Morning tour of Gondar's castles and churches Afternoon drive Bahirdar.
Day 20.AM Blue Nile falls. PM boat on Tana Lake, to admire two monasteries, as Ura
Day 21.KidaneMehret and MahalZeghieGyorgis
Day 22. Fly back Addis Ababa. Afternoon free

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18 Days and 17 Nights
Transportation: Surface
Tour Code HLETT 003

Day 1. Arrival Addis Ababa; meet your guide with your HOLYLAND tour guide and transfer hotel. Afternoon tour of the capital.O/N chosen hotel.
Day 2. Fly to Bahirdar, and transfer hotel for check-in.
Day 3. Morning drive to admire the Blue Nile falls. Lunch back to Bahirdar. Afternoon drive to Gondar , city of castles and churches. Dinner and O/N Gondar .
Day 4. Full day visit of castles and churches in Gondar : visit the castle's compound, the DebreBirhanSellasie church (light of Trinity) with wonderful murals, the King Fasiladas bath, the old Qusquam monastery, Empress Mentewab palace and more. O/N Gondar .
Day 5. Drive to SMNP and very enjoyable walks, admiring these spectacular views, spot some endemic mammals (as the gelada baboons), birds, very nice flora, and visit some Amhara people villages. O/N Debark or Semien lodge
Day 6. Excursions and then proceed your drive to Axum through spectacular views. O/N hotel
Day 7. Visit the steles, different archaeological sites, the bath and the palace of Queen of Sheba ; churches, among which in the church of St Mary of Tsion (where legend says is deposited the Ark of Covenant). O/N in Axum .
Day 8. Drive to the Yeha pre-Christian temple and the DebreDamo monastery, the first Ethiopian monastery, with an only ropes way entrance. O/N Gheralta lodge Tigray or Mekele in htl
Day 9. Excursion for the Geralta cluster of rock churches: visit Mariam Korkor, Daniel Korkor and AbuneYemata, the most spectacular of the Tigray churches (being AbuneYemata a bit difficult to reach by climbing, for those that are not able to do it, we'll visit so Abreha We Atsbeha. O/N Gheralta lodge or Mekele
Day 10. Visit churches of the: MicaelImba, MicaelBarka and MicaelDebreSelam. O/N Gheralta lodge or Mekele.
Day 11. Drive to Lalibela. O/N hotel
Day 12. Visit the 11 rock-hewn churches in Lalibela, defined as the 8th wonder. Afternoon a coffee ceremony in a traditional house. Overnight hotel
Day 13. Morning visit the spectacular YemrehennaKristos church. Afternoon Genete Mariam or Naktuleab.
Day 14. Drive to Hayklake and visit the DebreEstifanos church over its island. Proceed through wonderful views to Kombolcha. ON htl
Day 15. Drive to east, towards Awash. After noon visit awash national park .O/N hotel
Day 16. Early in the Moring drive, towards Harar , the walled city .arrive in the afternoon . o/n hotel .
Day 17. full day visit Harar. O/N hotel
Day 18. Drive direct to Addis Ababa. Then depart to home.

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