Duration: 15 Days and 14 Nights

Tour code HLETT 001
Transportation: - Surface
Day 1Arrive Addis Ababa at Bole International Airport and transfer to hotel for overnight.

Day 2 Drive Awash National Park
After breakfast drive from Addis to Awash National Park through the awe-inspiring crater lakes of Debrezeith for birding. Overnight lodge or local Hotel

Day 3  Awash National Park
Birding in Awash National Park. Overnight lodge or local Hotel

Day 4  Ziway
Early morning leave Awash for Langano via Mojo. En route, birding at Lake Ziway and Koka dam. Among some bird species you will see; African pygmy goose, Black-billed wood hoopoe, Abyssinian ground hornbill, Northern black tit, little weaver, etc Overnight hotel

Day 5  Bale Mountains National Park
After breakfast, continue driving to Bale mountains National Park and it is here you will visit many of the endemics like Blue-winged goose, Spot-breasted lapwing, Abyssinian long claw, Wattled ibis, Black-headed siskin, Rouget’s rail, Barred barbet and of course other species, too. Overnight hotel

Day 6  Goba, A day excursion to Sof Omar
 Start driving to Sof Omar, about 120 km from Goba. Along the route you will have some stops for birding. For Nightingale, Dodson's bulbul, Somali golden-breasted bunting, sunbird, warbler, Northern gray tit, Salvadori's serine, Brown-tailed chats, etc. Overnight hotel

Day 7 Goba, excursion to Senate
Leave Goba early in the morning towards Sanete Plateau. While crossing a lush green forest, you will enjoy the Semien Wolves, endemic mammals. Overnight hotel

Day 8:  Drive to Awassa
After an early breakfast drive toAwassa. On the way you will see lots of species, for instance, Silvery-cheeked hornbill, Abyssinian ground hornbill, Rouget’s Rail, lots of Marabou storks, Black & white egrets, African pygmy goose, Spur-winged goose, thousands of swallows, Ibis, Woodland kingfisher, and many more (over 200) species. Overnight Hotel

Day 9: Drive to Wondogenet
Wondogenet is an excellent place for freshtropical fruits and hot spring Overnight hotel

Day 10: Drive to Yabello
Head south to Yabello, birding en route. In the late afternoon, we head into woodland west of Yabello, in search of the endemic Stresemann’s Bush Crow. O/n local hotel

Day 11:Yabello
Full day birding (picnic lunch) in Yabello Wildlife Sanctuary, where we expect to see the white tailed swallow, Abyssinian Bush Crow, and if luckily, Prince Raspoli’sTuraco. O/n local hotel.
Day 12: Drive Negele
Morning birding around Mega, then we drive east to Negelle, birding en route. O/n Hotel.

Day 13:Negele
Here, you will spend the day exploring different localities for birding. O/n Hotel.

Day 14: Langano
After an early breakfast full day drive to Lake Langano, this is the best place for birding many species. O/n hotel.

Day 15:  Langano
these three neighbouring lakes in the central Ethiopian Rift Valley could not be more different from each other. The medium depth reddish-brown Lake Langano, Abijatta, and the extremely deep, blue Shalla, once a volcanic crater and now home to several bubbling hot springs, are all superb birding localities. Drive back to Addis finally departure home
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 4 Days 3 Nights Birding
Tour Code HLETT 002
Transportation: Surface

DAY 1:Leaving Addis Ababa early in the morning for Langano some 235 km south of the capital on the eastern bank of Lake Langano, We stop en route at Lake Ziway which has many bird species including Lesser Jacana, gulls, kingfishers, African Pygmy Duck, Black Heron, Marsh Harrier, Temminck’s and Little Stints, Masked Shrike and Common Snipe, and other species.
Overnight, stay in Langano nearby lodges.

DAY 2:A day birding in the fabulous Munessa forest where we expect a great number of birds. Among many species: Broad-billed Roller, Narina Trogon, Red-shouldered and Emerald Cuckoos, Blue-spotted and Tambourine Doves, different woodpeckers, Sharpe’s Starling, Double-toothed Barbet
Overnight stay at Langanonearby lodges

DAY 3: Drive to Lake Awassa. This smallest and Shallowest lake supplies a number of species including the beautiful Painted Snipe, Purple Swamphen, Lesser Gallinule, Red-breasted Wryneck, Grey Kestrel, different kingfishers, Violet-back Starlings, African White-backed Duck, Lesser Swamp Warbler and Banded Snake-eagle. Lake Awassa is also a place where one can easily see hippopotamus a short distance away.
Overnight stay hotel in Hawassa.

DAY 4:Drive back to Addis Ababa. On the way, we will have a few stops at Abijata-Shala Lakes for more birding. Today we also cover some of the sites that we had not stopped on Day one; then, we slowly drive back to Addis Ababa.

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