Bale Mountains National Park

This Mountains National Park is located 400km Southeast of Addis Ababa. It was designated as national park since 1970; the Park is home to the largest Afro-alpine habitat in the whole Africa continent which covers a total land mass of 2,200 Sq. Km. it stretches from the South to the East part of Arsi- Bale massifs.
There altitude ranges from 1,500 to 4,377 m, where a cluster of spectacular volcanic plugs, highland lakes, deep rocky gorges and uncovered lowlands picturesque you explore it. That is why this park is home for various flora and fauna within dense forest, heather moorland and lowland trees.

The Park is particularly home to different endemic species like Mountain Nyala, Semien Fox, Menlik Bushbuck. There are more than 14 endemic bird species, among which the Thick-Billed raven, Abyssinian cat bird, Watteled ibis, Spot-Brested plover are the most seen one. 

The forest is also a home for different pig species, lions, leopards, spotted hyenas, African hunting dogs and many others. The Bale Mountains offer some fine high-altitude horse and foot trekking, and scenic driving which create an important opportunities to admire an exhibit of this breathtaking national park.