Temple of Yeha

Yeha is situated 50km East of Axum. It is another historic places adorned with an attractive rock pillars and buildings. The temple of Yeha is the oldest standing structure in Ethiopia and was the largest pre- Christian Temple. It was ancient capital of Sabeans, which pre- dominantly where the founders of Axumite kingdom (in the pre- Axumite time). It was once a place where great civilizations dominated. 

Yeha is constructed by huge stone without the use of Mortar. This is a tower built in Sabean style and dated back 500B.C.  The remaining one side of its walls which is still intact testifies to the advanced level of craftsmanship of that time.

The imposing ruins of Yeha temple is rectangular edifice. Though it is roofless and upper storey’s the ruins stand some twelve meters in height. The outer face edge and corners are superbly dressed with great precision in reflection of limestone as evening falls and the sun setting