Home of the EMIR’S, Harar, is an Islamic state and Holly City that flourished during the 15th century (1437 AD) is located 528Kms east of Addis Abeba. The city is well recognized for its medieval architecture, great walls and was a center of Muslim enlightenment. Harar, was a strong hold to the Muslim Sultanate which ruled these lands and trade routes of the Medieval Time. Since its foundation, Harar has been ruled by Seventy Two success Imams.

In today’s world, Harar stands as the fourth main Muslim Pilgrim sites next to Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem. The city is well known for its superb handicrafts like woven, textiles, baskets, silverware and bound books. The market place shows the diversity of ethnic groups and the harmonious existence with color and passion.   
In this walled old town, there are more than 90 Mosques that provide active service, because of its uniqueness, color and beauty the town is locally known as “JEGOL”,

Harar’s attractions are:
•    The city walls
•    Rimbaud House – fine traditional house dating back to the period when the French poet Arthur Rimbaud lived in Harar in the 19th c.
•    The Hyena Man – As evening falls, local men attract wild hyenas to the city in bizarre spectacles as they bravely feed these dangerous scavengers.