Axum and its ancient civilizations

Axum is found in the mountainous lands of Tigray Region, in the Northern part of the country which lies about 1024 kms north of Addis Ababa. It was the capital city of the Axumite Kingdom next to Yeha.  Axum was one of the powerful nations among the four greatest nations of ancient times, which its civilization flourished from the 1st century BC to the 7th century AD

A powerful trading center, Axum controlled the highlands of northern Ethiopia and the Red Sea coast of present-day Eritrea. Culturally, it was closely associated with the people of southern Arabia, who spoke related languages and followed similar traditions. Axumite kings built massive stelae (stone pillars) to adorn their tombs, and some of these stelae still stand today. Its trade relations include all the powerful nations of its time; including the Romans, Persian, Greek and as far as the present day China.

The foot prints that they left us behind could be witnessed through there influences on different socio-economical and cultural impacts such as: religion, economic, political and social development for today’s existing Ethiopia.   
According to some studies its existence even dates back to 10th century BC with the fabled story of Queen Sheba, which is the mother of Emperor Minlik I, who brought the “Ark of the Covenant” to Ethiopia. Axum is the first country in Africa which proudly accepted Christianity, and is the holiest city of Ethiopian Orthodox faith.   
The city of Axum is famous for its historical relics of monolithic stele park, palaces, the church of St.Mary (Zion), sanctuary of Ark of Covenant, Museum, tombs of kings and etc. A visit to Axum means unlocking a history which is more than 500 B.C