Al-Nejashi (Nejash)

Negashi is about 10 kms away from the town of Wukro, in Tigray region that lies on the plateau with a magnificent over head view of the surrounding area. “Negashi” got its name from a Tigrayian word “Negash” or “Negus” which is used as a variant word for Arab.

The history of Negashi Mosque dates back to the 7th century AD, the faith Islam itself faced suffering in its early stages after the followers of Prophet Mohammed faced persecution by Quer’shi  tribe of the Mercantile ruler of Mecca. So, in order to maintain the very survival of the religion itself, the prophet had to find a sanctuary for his people and he sent 83 of his families to a land he quoted by saying, “go to the lands beyond the desert, where there is a kingdom where no one is wronged, a land of righteousness go there and remain until my calling.
The ruler of Abyssinia (Ethiopia) gave them asylum for those who seek refuge, after settling down they lived in peace and harmony until they returned to their homeland. Therefore, Negashi Mosque is known to be the first Foot Print where Islamic Faith was introduced to Ethiopia and the world nearly 1,300 years ago.