Lake Tana

Lake Tana is one of the largest lakes in Ethiopia that covering a total area of 3,600sq km (832 sq mi) and it’s intersected by the world’s longest river which is the Blue Nile. BahirDar is home to many fascinating features such as: The Lake Tana islands and the majestic falls of the Blue Nile located at a distance of 560 km South East of the shores of Lake Tana and Gondar.

This specific place came to be one of the most important trade and commercial center starting from mid 17th century for Gondar and its surrounding regions. Apart from its scenic beauty it serves as, one of the most important Tourist Destination in the country, in present times its acts as an administrative center of the region.
Been based in BahirDar one could explore the ancient monasteries that have being built in the islands of Lake Tana. It hosts one of the famous spectacles of Blue Nile river which is “ Tis IsatWaterfalls”, which is praised for the smoke that it forms when it touches the floor of the fall, the beautiful creator of Lake Tana and Monasteries that date back to the 13thc and 14thc. The colorful local Market at BahirDar which is famous for its weavers and wood works are additional spectacles to enjoy at your visit there.

The island still functions as a museum for the Oldest and Most Beautiful Ethiopian’s glorious art and treasures. Among the countless Monasteries the DAGA STEPHANO’S holds a significant place for its priceless collection of world class antiques, it’s also the resting place for several Medieval Age Emperors and for its famous Frescoes (an ancient form of art, painted on walls by using water colors.)