Landmarks and Monuments in Addis Ababa

The traditions of erecting monuments has an age-old history in Ethiopia. In this regard, the Axumite and Tiya monuments are worth mentioning. It is obvious that monuments has been erected in Ethiopia to commemorate very important personalities or events. In Addis Ababa, more than 17 monuments stand at different parts of the capital.

The statue of Abune Petros, the archbishop executed by the Italian invading troops, the liberation monument around Arat Kilo, the martyrs' monument around Sidest kilo, the Andinet statue erected in memory of the fallen troops during the invasion of Somalia, the statue of Emperor Menelik at the heart of the city called Arada and the Lion of Judah erected in front of the Ethio-Djibouti Railway are some of the historical sites in Addis that are worth visiting.